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Bidets are widely used across most countries around the world since they offer advantages and benefits over a toilet. 
In Japan roughly 60% of homes have a bidet, and in Venezuela and other parts of South America bidets can be found in up to 90% of the households. These appliances are very common across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Toiletico bidet device provides better personal hygiene and cleaning.

After using the bathroom dry toilet paper still leaves you unclean. Toiletico provides water which removes any residue left on your skin, and you will feel incredibly clean and refreshed.
Dry paper can not clean you as well as water so upgrade your personal hygiene and cleaning by using Toiletico…..

Toiletico makes every toilet a bidet and allowing personal hygiene and cleanliness in high level easily and efficiently thanks to the use of water instead of toilet paper. It is simple to install and simple to use. It is a practical solution when you want the benefits of a bidet at reasonable price.

Beyond the pleasant feeling of cleanliness, washing with water prevents infectious diseases, inflammatory and other so daily bathing is recommended.

Toiletico Bidet device

So Why using Toiletico ?
Fast and easy installation without modifying or replacing parts of a toilet 
Connect under the existing toilet seat and fits any standard toilet
Suitable for toilets with elevation
Made of high quality materials and innovative structure simple and strong, ensuring     durability
Adjustable water pressure
Aesthetic design blends in with the toilet
Recommended as special relief during pregnancy or after childbirth
A surprising effectiveness and great value for everyone… 

Toiletico description:

The bidet will fit most toilets thanks to the plastic latch holes which are adjustable to toilet shape
All materials are high quality. 
Water pressure from the nozzle is adjustable by the valve. 
2 Models are available:  right side valve or left side valve
Electrical outlet is not required.



Water flow

Direct from weak to strong pressure




Plastic latch – installation base

Shiny stainless steel tube **

High quality brass valve

Water supply hose 1/4"  – length can be adjustable.

Plastic connectors 1/2"

High quality brass Tee


** Stainless steel tubes are more resistant over time.

Toiletico – right hand side

Toiletico – left hand side

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